1. Selecting the tea

Choose your favourite blend from our selection of black, green or herbal tea and place your teabag in the cup. Some people like to warm up their cup before putting the teabag.

2. Boiling the water

Fill your kettle with freshly drawn water and allow it to come fully to the boil. Make sure to use freshly drawn water as previously boiled water will have lost a lot of oxygen and therefore, not brew properly.

The water  should reach 100° Celsius for the tea to brew properly, but be careful not to over-boil as again, it will lose oxygen and the infusion will be dull and flat

3. Brewing Tips

Simply pour the water straight onto the teabag.


4. Steeping the tea


To give your tea a proper brew and keep the liquid as hot as possible while you wait, cover the cup with a saucer to keep the steam in.

Sadly, many people will just dunk their teabag a few times and as soon as the colour looks about right they will think it’s ready to drink. This is WRONG!

For the tea to properly diffuse you must allow  a minimum of three minutes.


5. Tea is ready


When three minutes or more have passed, take the saucer off and give the tea a little bit of a dunk to help it mix even better. You should by now have a good strong colour but if you give the bag a bit of a squeeze with your spoon on its way out, this will help release even more of the flavour.

And you have your perfect cup of tea. Enjoy it black, with milk, or lemon, or sugar.



Black Teas 100° C 3 - 5 Min
Green Teas 90 -100° C 3 - 5 Min
Decaffeinated Teas 100° C 3 - 5 Min
Fruit Flavoured Black Teas 100° C 3 - 5 Min
Fruit and Herbal Infusions 100° C 5 Min